Girls Wakeboarding

Finally! Someone videoed me wakeboarding over the weekend. Just kidding! I wish I was as good as the girls tearing it up on the water in this video. I love watching them stick their landings – it will make your day too!

Free Lake Havasu Boating

Lake Havasu Dreamcatcher and Lake Havasu Boat Rentals

I was recently in Lake Havasu, and found a way to get our party of 5 on the water for just $10 – on the Lake Havasu Dreamcatcher passenger ferry. It was October, so the fare was $1 off from the regular rate of $3 per person. I was told the local newspaper offers free ferry passes if you take the time to grab those coupons. The ferry ride is 20 minutes on the Colorado River, heading from Arizona to the California side of Lake Havasu. The views are amazing, and the Dreamcatcher has an open second-story deck. Once across, we walked around, and ate lunch at the casino restaurant at the Lake Havasu landing, which had a sweeping, unobstructed view of the water.

Along the boardwalk where the ferry docks, you can also find many Lake Havasu boat rentals to catch a ride on tour boats, pontoon boats, jet skis, paddle boats and paddle boards. There are several parks in the area, a campground along the river, and the shoreline is dotted with replicas of lighthouses, a project of the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club. Lake Havasu boating is incredibly popular around spring break in March and April, so plan to book early if you are traveling in that time frame.

Lake Tapps Sunset

What a night! Last night’s sunset just got better as we turned the boat around and noticed a very full moon rising over Tapps Island. It was so incredible! Just a few boats were out on the lake, and I bet a lot of homeowners enjoyed the view as well. We captured this shot of geese gliding toward North Tapps County Park just before 9pm.

Mt. Rainier Over Lake Tapps

I never get tired of looking at Mt. Rainier. I grew up here, and I’m used to larger mountain ranges, and it still never gets old. It’s funny to watch people come to visit from what I like to call “flat states” like Texas…Arizona…at least in my experience there isn’t much more than an occasional bump on the horizon. They look at it with the amazement of a child, and laugh at our phrase “the mountain isn’t out today” whenever its hidden by clouds.

It’s so massive, and ever-changing in appearance as winter snows come and go, and the foothills seem to appear and disappear depending on so many factors in the weather. My favorite time of day is just before sunset, when it often stains deep pink for a few moments before retiring to a dark blue giant at dusk and then disappearing from view entirely for the night.

Lake Tapps Golfing – Tapps Island Golf Course

I’m not the best golfer you’ll ever meet, but I’m learning. And besides, it seems to be a lifetime learning-type sport anyway. I love the views, the pace, and the quiet. I’ve had the chance to golf at Tapps Island a few times, and it’s one of the best 9-hole courses around. It’s challenging because of the pure number of water hazards (it’s on an island!), and I actually love playing there in the winter when the reservoir goes down a little – I lose fewer balls that way.

There are stunning views of the lake, Mt. Rainier, and beautiful lakefront homes. You get to cross inlets over wooden bridges in your cart a few times during play, and they’ve recently renovated the 9th hole with a beautiful waterfall and pond. A lot of people haven’t caught on that it’s a public course, and reasonable to play there, so it’s often uncrowded. If you get a chance to tee off soon, Tapps Island is worth checking out!

Wooden Boats on Lake Tapps

I remember as a child and teenager on Lake Tapps seeing an ocassional wooden boat parade sail by on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It seems these boats are a dying breed now, and lazy Sunday afternoons on our busy lake are just as rare. Last weekend my neighbor cruised by in this beauty and it made me smile to see him enjoying time on the lake with his son. Thanks for boating over!

Lake Tapps Backyard Wedding Receptions

This is my favorite time of year on Lake Tapps, when families are out boating and tubing, the days are long, and neighbors regularly host backyard barbecues and hire live bands for entertainment. This weekend, our neighbors celebrated getting married by hiring a local classic rock /n roll band and lining their entire property with candle luminaries. It was fun to watch them set up and enjoy their yard.

Ironically, we headed out to our friends’ backyard wedding reception in Kirkland just after our neighbors’ party started. Past clients of mine got married in Hawaii in June, and then hosted a reception on Saturday in the backyard of their new home. This photo is of their downstairs bar in the new digs – isn’t it awesome? We loved how they had the party catered – with a burger truck! Just like you’d imagin a taco truck, it drove up into their RV parking alongside the backyard and they served delicious salmon burgers, black bean burgers, and regular burgers on ciabatta rolls with sweet potato fries. It was delicious, and so much fun to hang out in the backyard, complete with campfire and great tunes.